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Online Interviews
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28.06.2021 Live Online Webinar

This training will help you to prepare everything you need for your online
interview. There are so many things to think about, so many things to
check up on and so many ways to help you stand out from the crowd.
This live online training lasting 2 hours will prepare you well for the next
interview and help you to feel more confident.

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June 28, 2021 14:00 h - 16:00 h

59.- €39.-

What will you learn?

The 'Must's' beforehand

Learn about everything you need to get ready before the interview so you can feel more confident and be less nervous

Knowing how to 'sell' yourself

Learn how to present yourself in the best light including knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are

How to make the best impression

What to talk about and what not to in order to make the best impression possible, inlcuding what research you should do beforehand

Questions - yours and theirs

Recruiters like to find out as much as they can - we look at what kind of questions can come and what kind of questions you should be asking!

How many people have we helped on their way

We work with many universities and colleges but as we want to offer this course to individual students as well, we are now offering it to you today for a fraction of the original price per person. Watch out for the other four live online courses in the Success @ Series.








Success @ Online Application courses

Rapidly Increase Your chances of being chosen for the job!

Our participants who have signed up for our Success @ Online Interviews Courses have found that they are so much more prepared for what to expect in an interview.

What kind of things can you expect:

  • Clearly structured live webinar with many tips and tricks
  • Brainstorming sessions together with other students
  • Q&A
Decide for your future now!

Talking about your strengths and weaknesses

Do you really know what you are good at? And, do you really know how to talk about them? How does a recruiter know that what you are telling them is true? In this live online course, you find out exactly how to make the best impression possible.

Let's look at this together :

  • Learn how you can express it properly
  • Learn how you can back it up with stories 
  • Learn how you can talk about these things in a way that leaves a lasting impression

Make sure you can be convincing

Do you know what skills might be essential

We explore where you can find out essential information in order to prepare as well as possible, including how to read the job description and how to find out more about the company.

Do you know what to ask? Do you know what a recruiter may ask you and how to answer well?

Many questions asked at interviews are very tricky and the reasons why they are being asked is certainly not always obvious. We look at the questions that could be asked as well as what they really mean. We then also look at what questions you might want to answer the recruiter.

Your questions might be about:

  • Working times and tasks 
  • Opportunities within the company
  • Their expectations and about your own expectations

Is this for you?

Start the journey to getting that dream job!

Voices from our customers:
University career departments and bachelor/master students:

Input your text in this area feedback from organisers of Career Services

"Our online seminar in preparation for online & telephone interviews with Rosie was excellent. Together with the participants of my project, I received a lot of helpful information from her and did enriching exercises together with her. The three hours flew by for all participants. At the same time, the participants now feel well prepared for future job interviews."

André Claren - Career Coach, Technical University of Chemnitz

"The feedback forms showed that the event was rated as good preparation and was recommended to other students: "I consider the webinar very useful and I would recommend it to other students".
The interactive nature of the webinar was highlighted as a particular feature: "I found it very helpful and a lot of pending answers were nicely answered. The structure of the session was very interactive and interesting! ".

Christian Erkenbrecher - Career Service, University of Applied Sciences Coburg

Feedback from students:

I"I was able to self-reflect. ...This has actually been my best Zoom-Webinar yet".

"It was really great and fun time to discuss each other. Also, it was great to hear from others about their opinion. Rosie was really friendly and thoughtful person. "

"The best things were:
- Questions to ask at the end of the interview

- Simulation of a interview
- What to answer in Strengths and Weakness"

The presentation was well structured and comprehensible. The small group and the short break out sessions were very engaging and brought variety. The lecture was suitable for international students because of the English language. So far one of the best on the topic of applications.

"Everything was perfect :) I really enjoyed the webinar, I learned thigs which will help me to perform well during an interview. I didn't understand how the tie passed so quickly :)"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous knowledge to take part in this webinar?

No, this webinar benefits anyone with and without experience of interviews. It is training which will prepare you to show yourself in the best light and help you to be more confident about what you tell the interviewer/recruiter..

Do I already have to have an appointment for an upcoming interview?

No. This online live webinar will help you to polish your performance and to become more aware of everything you need to have prepared before the interview. It is general training and will help you with any interviews (on or offline) in the future.

Will I be able to exchange ideas with other students?

Yes, that is one of the best things about this webinar. There will be short break-out sessions so that you can exchange ideas and gained knowledge with other students in the session.

Will I be able to ask my own questions?

Yes, that is the good thing about a live training course. You can ask your questions throughout the webinar.

Will there be any handouts?

Yes, after the session, you will receive a handout with all the core information, so that you can use it as a reference.

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